Our Firm


Our Experience

The firm is founded and led by Doug Wagoner. Doug has over 35 years of experience leading technology companies providing data analytics, cyber, digital transformation, autonomy and space services. Doug served as Sector President of SAIC until late 2017 and currently serves on the boards of several companies in the government services and data analytics markets. Additional team members of the group provide deep experience in business development, strategy, technology and federal technology procurement


Our Approach

Our services start with gaining a deep understanding of your end goal.  At Piedmont we say that "We start with where you want to end up".  After understanding that long range goal we begin to work back to today to give you insights into your business, the customers and the technology to meet your long term objective


Why Us?

We provide a proven approach that is delivering to success in all of our practices coupled with our desire to be your long term partner. Our clients offer to speak to others considering to team with Piedmont Advisory Group